About Julie Staub


I discovered photography at an early age and have been obsessed with images ever since. After studying black and white film photography in Florence, Italy while studying abroad, I knew it was my passion. Ten years later, I discovered digital. I shoot with a Canon Powershot SD600. I carry it with me everywhere. I like to document and record what I see everyday. To me, those are the interesting parts we so often take for granted. I also have a lot of fun discovering all parts of this wonderful world. This is why I am inspired to take pictures everyday.

I graduated in 1998 with a degree in Art and Communications from the University of Iowa. I work as a Freelance Photographer who currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. I shoot events, parties, portraits, artwork, products, kids, pets, food, street art, nature, NYC and much more! My photos have been published in various online and print publications including The New York Press and The Village Voice. I have been showing and selling my artwork in NYC since 2007.

Thank you for visiting my site!


5 Responses to “About Julie Staub”

  1. Julie Staub is a gifted photographer who has caught some of the most glorious shots I have seen – there is a reason I asked her to photograph several of my shows, and I am eternaally grateful for the beautiful images she captured. What an eye, what a spirit. She is a luscious, ebullient artist. Love you, Julie…..

  2. I am so impressed! Julie, I’ve never really seen your work on display like this. “Jeremiah” is one of the best baby pictures I have ever seen, but still just one of the many great ones on this site. I can’t wait to see the places you’ll go – Good Work!

  3. Julie Staub sees the world through eyes of living and breathing true new yorker. The images she captures of New York City are moments that show the viewer the city’s vibe that she is experiencing. Raw, untouched, yet vivid shots of friends family and strangers are my favorite photographs she has in her portfolio…YES Jules…YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY TO TOP TOP places with your art, as this website speaks volumes! You ROCK!

  4. GRANDE!

  5. nice page julie.. was looking through my computers photos and saw one of you so i looked you up. your work is looking great.. glad you’re still shooting. write back i’ll show you some of my latest paintings. keith.

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